Review by Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls, Sublime Frequencies, Abduction Records)

"Orange Tulip Conspiracy is an audio thrill ride into an expanding universe of drama, action, beauty and horror. Entirely instrumental, cinematic in scope, and backed by a monster cast of players (including Seattle's Bill Horist and Dave Abramson, Secret Chief 3's Trey Spruance, and the members of Estradasphere)..." (read more)


Interview with Alarm Magazine

"As one of the principal songwriters in Estradasphere, guitarist/composer Jason Schimmel has always loved combining disparate styles in new and jaw-dropping ways." (read more)


Review by Alarm Magazine

"This Orange Tulip Conspiracy debut, the first solo album / side project from Estradasphere guitarist Jason Schimmel, has been available for a little while..." (read more)


Review by Pacificlectic

Jason Schimmel's Orange Tulip Conspiracy @ Samurai Duck (Eugene, OR - 11/17/08) (read more)